Class Calendar

Good Evening Everyone
As principals of the Pub Jive Rock n Roll School, we have an obligation and responsibility to look after all our students…
We do not wish for any of our students to catch the virus COVID19 in our dance classes.
With my Pathology Experience, aligned with a Duty of Care, we feel the time is right to suspend all our Dance Classes and this Month’s Dance for 3 weeks, effective immediately.
Many of you have been loyal supporters through many years and I trust that you support our decision to look after your health….
This cancelation will be in place for the rest of this course. We will constantly review the Health Departments and The Governments Advice and hopefully re open the classes for the next course starting on Sunday 5th April.
We believe, we are entering a highly infective transmission period and do not want to put any of you at unnecessary risk.
If any of you have any queries or questions please call us on 0411 207 813